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Why, For Who and What To Expect

The Arizona UAS Summit & Expo:
Why, For Who and What To Expect


The Arizona UAS Summit & Expo—produced by UAS Magazine, the media and events team responsible for the industry’s leading UAS publication—is designed to highlight and reveal for the first time the potential UAS-related opportunities present in Arizona and the surrounding region. After covering the national UAS scene—from L.A. to Virginia—for the past three years, it is clear to our team that real opportunities and developments can or do exist in the region for the future of the industry. Working with the Arizona Regional Development Foundation, our team is excited to tell the intriguing story of how the UAS industry can or should connect with the region.

For Who

This event will cater to entities, organizations and decision makers that are currently in or considering the UAS commercial market. We produce an event that has something of value to every segment of the commercial sector, from small UAVs to government led activity. Our model is to combine a high production, professionally organized event with an impressive venue. Attendees at the event are serious about investing in or continuing their work in UAS and range from highly qualified pilots to CFOs, CEOs and Presidents. This event could outperform our North Dakota event that typically draws 300+ attendees (this year drew 500+) from high-level private, civilian and government entities and always includes in-person presentations from the state’s Congressional delegation or Governor’s office. We intend to pursue and cater to company CEO’s, university leaders, etc., as we do with all of our events. Because of the nature of the event, attendees will consist of both regional and national types.

What To Expect

This three-day event will include content delivered through keynotes, panels and individual presentations many of which will utilize a PowerPoint. The venue will be arranged with a registration desk, speaker resource room, private meeting rooms, stage set-ups in multiple rooms and an exhibit hall. We time the speaking events and breaks to maximize the networking opportunities for all involved. Monday will feature an opening reception (appetizers, food and drink including an open bar) kicked off with a ribbon-cutting. Tuesday will feature a breakfast, lunch, and dinner evening reception and Wednesday should include an industry tour. Our conference staff will handle the entire event and our magazine team will be there to cover the event and write about the perspectives and news shared. Companies of all sizes and type will be presenting on their UAS work or achievements in the region. Researchers and commercial end-users of UAS (agriculture, mining, construction and first responders) will also help to detail how important UAS is to their respective operations.


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